Printed Pages #12
Printed Pages #12 Printed Pages #12 Printed Pages #12 Printed Pages #12 Printed Pages #12

Printed Pages #12

Seguro que todos conocéis el blog "It's Nice That" , convertido es casi ya de culto. esta es su publicación impresa, donde enterarte de todo lo más nuevo en diseño, arte, moda y cultura contemporánea.

Issue 12 of Printed Pages contains 240 pages of inspiring work and engaging articles that feature creatives from around the world. The magazine brings together the best work from It’s Nice That and provides an essential overview of the creative world today.

The cover was shot by Jack Davison as part of a commission that profiles the work of graphic designer John Morgan. Inside, features include an interview with graphic design legend Milton Glaser, illustrator Jean Jullien, exclusive images of TroTro drivers in Ghana by photographer Charlie Kwai, and a gallery of the heroes of Rio 2016 sculpted by Wilfrid Wood.


240 pgs, Softcover, 2016


Tipo: revista

Marca: Chandal

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