Girls Like Us #8
Girls Like Us #8 Girls Like Us #8 Girls Like Us #8

Girls Like Us #8

Girls Like Us es una revista independiente con el centro de atención en la comunidad de las mujeres, dentro de las artes, la cultura y el activismo. A través de historias personales, ensayos y vanguardias visuales Girls Like Us despliega el legado feminista en las artes y la escritura.

Mezclando la política con el placer, la revista es el mapa de nuevas rutas hacia un futuro post-feminista.




Dear Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Adopted Aunts, Long Lost Fathers, Half-cousins, Wives, Black Sheep and Partners In Crime

As you know, we have a soft spot for collectives, collaborations, friendships and support structures. People doing things with other people: loving, working, organizing, living. These strategies for surviving together form an underlying thread throughout all our issues. This time we wanted to look more closely at one way of naming these friendly constellations: FAMILY.

A very pregnant issue featuring interviews with philosopher Simone van Saarloos, designer Phoebe Dahl, Lesbian Herstory Archive's Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, Amsterdam queer collective Strange Fruit and Mahoyo, a portrait of artists/sheepfarmers Orla Barry & Els Dietvorst, essays by Katarina Bonnevier, Alberto García del Castillo & Lars Laumann, Dean Spade & Craig Willse, a poem by Hanne Lippard, a book excerpt by Maja Lee Langvad, an instagram account by Veteranas & Rucas, visual contributions by Cathy Cade, All the Cunning Stunts, Shana Moulton & Lucy Stein, Eden Batki, Cinthia Tiberi Ljungqvist, In 21st Century Zesterhood, Q&A with night collectives Attagirl!, Cairo Bats, Chulita Vinyl Club & GJRL, plus usual suspects HERESIES.

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